Man Hurt After His Cane Gets Stuck in Sidewalk

A lawsuit was filed on April 30th citing a one-and-a-half inch gap in a concrete sidewalk at a Walgreens. According to the plaintiff, the staff at Walgreen's was aware of the sidewalk gap and knew of its existence for years and failed to fix it. The plaintiff alleges that his cane got caught in the gap on June 15, 2006, which caused him to fall and suffer spinal injuries. 

His injuries involved a grade 1 anterior subluxation of L4 and L5 of his lower spine.

According to the plaintiff, Walgreens violated its duty to act with due care for others' safety. He also alleges Walgreens failed to maintain the entryway in a condition that was reasonably safe.

Roe alleges that as a result of his back injuries, he has and will continue to incur medical expenses, loss of wages, and pain and suffering. He seeks damages in excess of $150,000 in addition to costs of suit.

Premises liability in North Carolina may involve more than one party. A property owner, operator, tenant, or third party may be solely or collectively responsible for someone's injuries sustained on a commercial premises. If you're concerned about an injury you believe occurred as the result of another party's negligence, ask our North Carolina injury attorneys for a free case review. We're happy to learn about the circumstances involving your injury and can explain your legal options. Complete a case evaluation request and we'll schedule you on our calendar.

Note: The above case occurred out-of-state and is only used to illustrate an example of potential property owner/operator liability.

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