Wilson Car Accident Kills

In some NC car accidents, injuries are so severe the driver or passengers are unable to survive. Recently, a school bus in Wilson, NC was hit by a Lincoln Town Car driven by seventy-year-old Robert Lee Hills. Hills was driving erratically before his vehicle crashed into the school bus full of Fike High School students. No students were injured and Hills was the only death reported. Since Hills did violate traffic laws by crossing the center line and causing the accident, he is at fault. However, no one was in the vehicle with him so the cause of his illegal driving behavior is unknown. A medical examination determined that the driver had a heart attack and alcohol was not a factor. Speeding was not an issue either. Both vehicles were traveling within the 35 MPH limit.

Skilled Personal Injury Practice

Personal injury attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates protect the rights of accident victims. NC car crash victims face serious effects of personal injuries. After being injured in a car accident, survivors experience lost wages, expensive medical treatment costs, pain and suffering. All of which are compensable and our NC car wreck attorneys prepare the strongest case possible in order to maximize payouts. Brent Adams & Associates handles accident cases for cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, boats, tractors and any other type of vehicle.

Personal Injury Victims in Wake, Durham, Orange, Harnett and Surrounding Counties

Anyone who has suffered a wrongdoing or injuries needs professional lawyers who know NC personal injury law. Experts at negotiating, Brent Adams & Associates' personal injury attorneys in Raleigh, Dunn and Fayetteville are available to discuss your case and offer cost-effective solutions to your legal issues.

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