In 2016, car accidents lead to the death of 40,000 people and over two million injuries in the United States alone. But is a future with no car accidents possible?

Data from the NHTSA shows us that automobile accidents result in over $870 billion worth of impact for U.S. citizens. $76 billion is property damage and traffic congestion resulted in $28 billion. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that 10,000 people died due to alcohol-impaired driving incidents in 2015. Distracted driving resulted in 3,500 deaths in 2015.

Self-driving Cars Have Potential

Cooney and Conway, a law firm, broke down these numbers to determine how individual people were affected. According to their data, crashes caused by driving under the influence resulted in $158 per person. Accidents that were caused by speeding resulted in $191 per person. 

How could we create a future with zero accidents? The Wall Street Journal believes they have an answer. Self-driving cars have the potential to eliminate 90% of accidents and save 300,000 lives per decade.

However, no one knows for certain when self-driving cars will take over the roads. 

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