The Better Care Replacement Act, which was created to replace Obamacare by the Trump administration, is "stupendously unpopular" according to the Slate. The AARP, along with the American Hospital Association, the Arc, the American Cancer Society's action network, and almost every insurance group are against the new bill. Even Republican governors are opposing Trump's new healthcare plan

The bill cuts out several Medicaid benefits. The BCRA is set to make premiums, deductibles, and co-payments worse than they were under Obamacare. The ACA expanded Medicare, but the BCRA will severely change those expansions. 

The BCRA plans to eliminate the block grant on Medicaid. A "block" is a certain amount of money the federal government gives the state for a certain purpose, and the blocks placed on Medicaid were created to "shift risk and expense to patients, providers, and states." 

Although the BCRA does require states to offer basic Medicaid services, the bill does not go into detail about the requirements, therefore, lacking substance. The details within the bill discuss how states must manage the eligibility of people trying to receive Medicaid, waiting lists, reimbursement to specialty physicians, and much more. 

Do you currently receive Medicaid? Are you worried your benefits may be taken away? For more information about the potential future of Medicaid under the BCRA, click here.

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