Why You Should Change Your Steering Habits in New Cars

The auto industry constantly uses the latest technologies to create safer cars. From cars that prevent pedestrian collisions, steering wheels that detect potential crashes, new cars are equipped with what researchers find to be the best possible safety features on the market.

Drivers have always been taught to keep their hands at the “10-and-2 o’clock” hand position for optimal control of steering. The most recent placement of air bags in vehicles made today is changing the way drivers should hold their steering wheels. For drivers’ safety, experts are recommending holding the steering wheel at “8-and-4” or “9-and-3.” These two positions help prevent the driver from being unnecessarily injured by air bags when they’re deployed.

The new air bag locations are not only changing drivers’ hand placement on steering wheels. Recommendations are also being made to drivers to increase their distance from the steering wheel. Sitting as far back as possible helps prevent facial damage if an air bag is deployed. The changes may make drivers concerned; however the new air bags are better than any types of air bags offered in the past.

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