Challenge of Diagnosing Brain Injuries

brain injury diagnosisBrain injuries may be attributed to severe long-term damage. Damage from a head injury may be treatable if healthcare workers diagnose the condition early, however, sometimes brain injuries get "lost" during an exam and other treatments. 

Symptoms of brain injuries include memory loss, nausea, fatigue, impaired mobility.

Symptoms of neck injuries? Memory loss, nausea, fatigue, impaired mobility.

See how challenging making the proper diagnosis may be? 

Not treating a brain injury properly could worsen symptoms or cause other permanent injuries to the victim. Not treating a neck injury properly can damage tissue, fail to foster healthy healing, and contribute to long-term pain management. Physicians are highly trained professionals, but their job is a challenging one and sometimes they make mistakes. Symptoms are not the only factor used in diagnostics. Medical tests, response to treatments, and other tools are used by medical staff to identify and treat a patient's injuries.

If you believe your doctor misdiagnosed your injury and caused harm, contact our North Carolina injury attorneys for a complimentary case evaluation. Medical malpractice cases are not quick. Be prepared to take time to understand the laws, your rights, and the negotiation process. Some cases settle out of court, while others require a trial. Our injury attorneys will review every option available to you and explain North Carolina medical malpractice laws so that you can make decisions in your best interest.

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