When Workers’ Comp is Denied

workers comp deniedOn-the-job injuries in NC range from carpal tunnel syndrome and slip-and-falls that can affect the range of work an employee is physically capable of, to occupational injuries that cause permanent disability. What happens when a workers’ comp claim is denied in NC?

For workplace injuries, NC workers’ comp claims typically cover:


  • Prescription costs
  • Doctor visits
  • Wage replacement
  • Benefits for disfigurement
  • Payment of death benefits
  • Travel expenses, lodging and meals
  • Modification to home


During the Missouri tornadoes earlier in 2011, a social worker earning minimum wage who didn’t have health insurance, risked his life in an attempt to save three innocent people who had cognitive impairments. The man, Mark Lindquist, was tossed by 200MPH winds that broke every one of his ribs, most of his teeth, shattered his shoulder and left him in a two month-long coma.

Lindquist will need future surgeries and relies on almost a dozen prescriptions every day. His medical bills have already exceeded $2.5 million. Like many other injured workers, Lindquist received a denial of his workers’ comp claim. He is currently appealing the denial and is seeking full workers’ compensation benefits. If your workers’ comp claim is denied, there is an appeals process, but it can get complicated. The best way to proceed after a workers’ comp claim denial is to contact a personal injury attorney.

If your workers’ comp claim has been denied and you’re unable to work, contact a NC workers’ comp attorney in Raleigh, Fayetteville or Dunn with Brent Adams & Associates. We will review your injury case no matter where you live in North Carolina. Employees shouldn’t have to bear the burden of injuries and illnesses that were a result of a negligent workplace. Contact our NC workers’ comp lawyers and we’ll help expedite your claim.


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