When Is A Dog Considered Legally Dangerous In North Carolina?

At what point is a dog in North Carolina considered legally dangerous? One family in Forsyth County found out this week – and they are not happy with either the state or local dog laws.

North Carolina resident John Epstein had just opened his front door and was about to take his five-pound morkie terrier Jackson out on a walk. But as soon as the pair walked outside, the one-year-old dog was viciously attacked by a group of dogs belonging to a neighbor. One dog, a pit bull, bit Jackson on the head and wouldn’t let go. By the time the owner of the pit bull forcefully got his pet to stop attacking the small dog, Jackson was fatally injured. He died while being rushed to an emergency vet.

To his surprise, John Epstein found out in the following days that the neither pit bull that killed his dog not its owner will suffer any consequences from the fatal attack – and that under North Carolina dog laws, the pit bull will not even be considered a dangerous pet. In order for any dog in North Carolina to be considered dangerous, it must physically harm a human.

While Epstien says that his neighbor paid for Jackson’s final pet bills and apologized for the incident, he still believes that, for the safety of dogs and humans alike, North Carolina and Forsyth County should change their dog bite laws so that pit bulls like the one that killed Jackson will be a known threat. What do you think?
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