What You Shouldn’t Do after a Hit and Run Accident in Dunn

Hit and run accidents can be especially traumatic. An injured person may feel like there is no recourse against the negligent driver responsible for the collision. These types of accidents may stir up emotions associated with feeling slighted or taken advantage of, so keep in mind what you shouldn’t do when involved in this type of Dunn car crash. 

What Not to Do After a Hit and Run 

Do not chase the hit and run driver. It can feel like such an injustice to see a driver flee the scene of an accident regardless of how much damage your car sustained or whether you were injured. Not only is pursuing the other driver dangerous for you, but it could become dangerous for other drivers on the road as well. 

You also shouldn’t choose to drive away from the accident yourself. Even if you don’t feel injured or see any damage to your vehicle, stay on the scene and call the authorities. Failing to do this could severely limit your recovery from your insurance company if you find damage later, or an injury appears. Staying on the scene to file a police report could even help police find the responsible party. 

Don’t assume you don’t need medical attention. This isn’t to say you should leave the scene in an ambulance if you don’t feel injured, but make sure you see a doctor shortly after the accident. Your doctor could discover an injury whose symptoms failed to manifest immediately following the accident. 

You Should Call Your Insurance Company 

In the absence of another driver’s insurance, your own carrier will provide coverage. If you don’t have uninsured motorist coverage, your recovery may be limited. What’s more, North Carolina now requires uninsured motorist coverage be included in policies. Hit and run accidents are covered under your uninsured motorist policy in addition to accidents involving an uninsured driver. 

Brent Adams & Associates offers this information so that people who are involved in these unfortunate accidents understand their rights and responsibilities. Treat hit and run accidents similar to others, review your insurance coverage, and understand that there are certain things you shouldn’t do after the collision.

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