Workers' Compensation Conditions

An injury at work can be sudden or gradual, devastating or tragic. There are many different work-related injuries that the workers' comp lawyers of Brent Adams & Associates deal with. The workers' comp system resolves disputes about vocational diseases and injuries. Workers' compensation benefits are typically paid for work-related illness, injury or death, helping injured workers and their families meet their financial needs. If you or your family member is injured or becomes sick because of employment, a skilled workers' compensation attorney from Brent Adams & Associates will review your potential workers' comp claim.

Workers' compensation is sometimes viewed as a compromise between employees and employers: workers give up the right to sue for large awards in court in exchange for certain and timely, albeit relatively lower, reimbursement for work-related injuries and illnesses. Employers accept responsibility for these injuries and illnesses even if they are not at fault, but they no longer have to worry about being tied up in court and potentially liable for large verdicts. Injured working people in North Carolina may not be aware of the types of injuries that qualify for filing a lawsuit. Office administrators with carpal tunnel, to spinal injuries suffered by industrial workers, there are obvious injuries and others that develop over time due to dangerous work environments.

Conditions for which you may get workers' compensation benefits

  1. Repetitive-stress injuries (RSIs) like carpal-tunnel syndrome (CTS)
  2. Back injuries
  3. Traumatic injuries
  4. Wounds or reactions to substances
  5. Mental or emotional harm (standards for psychological coverage vary in each state)
  6. Pre-existing conditions are commonly covered if they are aggravated in the workplace


With offices in Raleigh, Fayetteville and Dunn, Brent Adams & Associates is experienced with workplace injuries across North Carolina. Construction sites are a hotbed of workplace accidents. Injured workers need a settlement to ensure continued care and rehab. If you are injured at work in the State of North Carolina, our personal injury attorneys can help you with this complicated area of the law so that you receive all qualified benefits. These benefits may include medical bill payments, training for a new job, temporary total disability benefits, permanent partial disability benefits, total disability benefits and death benefits if the worker's death was due to a work-related injury.

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