An Israeli insurance company is releasing a new and discounted insurance plan for vegans. According to the Jerusalem Post, Clal insurance has created what they call: "the Vegans Pay Less (VPL) initiative." This plan includes significant discounts for those who live a vegan lifestyle.

This is the first insurance company in Jerusalem to provide this benefit for vegans. To qualify for this discounted insurance plan, a citizen must be a member of a vegan organization and have a signed declaration of health.

Uri Eshel, the co-CEO of the finance company Lavi, made the following statement regarding Clal's new insurance plan:

"VPL's ultimate goal is to promote the declaration that vegan is healthier, and the establishment of this declaration will result in the greatest wave of veganism seen in Israel until now. Because of this, we are committed to promoting the growth of special services for vegans."

Veganism does provide many health benefits listed by Medical News Today, such as:

  • Lower Your Risk of Cancer,
  • Improve Bone Health,
  • Improve Heart Health,
  • As well as Lower Your Risk of Developing a Chronic Disease. (For example, Type 2 diabetes.)

Five percent of Isreal's population is vegan, 8-10% are vegetarian, and according to anonymous Animal Rights groups, 40% of the Isreali population have lowered their consumption of meat.

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