What is the Bicycle and Bikeway Act?

North Carolina has a long history of being a bike-friendly state. In 1974, NC led the country with the nation’s first-ever bicycle program.

NC Bicycle Transportation

The Bicycle and Bikeway Act made it legal for a bicycle to be recognized as a vehicle, required bicycle facilities in highways, and selected the NC DOT as the enforcing party to maintain and allocate funds for these requirements. Since the Bicycle and Bikeway Act was enacted, the NC DOT has authority in building bikeways across the state and to create bike safety courses.

NC Bicycle Laws

Even with the specialized system dedicated to bicyclists and their safety, North Carolina bicycle accidents still injure and kill innocent riders. A Morrisville bus crashed into a bicycle rider in mid-July, causing lacerations and rib injuries. The cyclist, Greg Oliver, was hit by the bus in early afternoon hours. The bus driver, who was operating for the Town of Morrisville, was cited for improper passing. As more details are released, the town’s insurance policy for the bus may be tapped for Oliver’s injuries if Oliver was following all appropriate bike laws. However, if Oliver is found to have been negligent in some way he would be responsible for his own medical treatment costs as well as any damage the bus sustained from the collision.

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