What is Elder Self-Neglect?

Self-neglect is the behavior of an elderly person that threatens the elder’s health or safety. When a senior citizen fails to meet their own needs, physically or psychologically, they may cause themselves harm.
With elder self-neglect, often times an intervention is necessary since the individual is competent in other ways and wants to hold on to their independence. Statistically, self-neglect is the most common form of elder abuse, according to the AARP.

Signs of Elder Self-Neglect Include:

  • Substance abuse, alcohol or drug dependence
Unsanitary living conditions or hoarding
Poor personal care
Financial problems

Elder self-neglect is more serious than living with a dirty kitchen or insufficient management of funds. Senior citizens who suffer early stages of dementia or memory loss might forget to take prescription medication that their bodies rely on. This absent-minded carelessness could cost them their lives.
Controversy surrounds elder self-neglect because it’s difficult to place blame on someone who becomes incapable of caring for themselves. However, families can find a home health aid or an assisted living center in NC where their loved ones can retain some of their independence.

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