What Happens When Your Insurance Company Works Against You?

Would it be possible for your sister to die in a car accident, have a jury find the other driver negligent, then have your sister’s insurance carrier enter the case and bring in “undermining witnesses” to make it look like your sister caused the accident? This is what happened to Matt Fisher, whose sister’s car accident case involved an unusual defense by the Progressive Insurance Company.


In the car accident case, the at-fault driver’s negligence was acknowledged by their own insurance provider, Nationwide, which paid Fisher’s family the maximum coverage amount possible: $25,000. Progressive is avoiding paying out Fisher’s uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage by pushing the testimony of a memory-impaired victim who was a passenger of Fisher’s car. The victim’s memory problems were mixed in a testimony that pinned Fisher as the at-fault driver. Although an objective eyewitness testified about the direct negligence of the driver who ran a red light and collided with Fisher, and the jury agreed on that driver’s negligence, Progressive still ignored its good faith in representing their own client and is trying to deny the payout.


In a situation like this, an insurance dispute attorney will help victims and their families who are experiencing bad faith insurance practices. Insurance dispute attorneys help policy holders fight for the compensation outlined in their policy, and will also file complaints for larger payouts when bad faith arises, like in the situation with the Fisher family. Just because you pay your insurance company for coverage and have payouts outlined in your policy doesn’t mean you should trust their initial offer when you file a claim. Your insurance company will use every tactic possible to reduce their payouts to you, which is why an insurance dispute attorney is essential if you suspect you’re a victim.

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