What Do You Do If Your Car Is Negligently Repaired After a Crash?

You may be preoccupied with pain management and physical therapy after a car accident, but there may be other problems with your vehicle if your repair shop has cut corners. After a NC car accident, you document the incident in a police report, report the damage and injuries to your insurance company, and file a claim for injuries and damage sustained from the accident with the at-fault party’s insurance. While you visit doctors and manage a treatment plan for your recovery, your damaged car is at an auto body shop getting repaired. Then your doctor gives you the green light to drive again. Is your car safe?


A Gastonia auto body shop repaired a car after it was damaged in a car wreck, however an inspection by an auto safety inspector uncovered that some of the parts used to repair the car were actually for plumbing, and some of the other work that was billed and paid for wasn’t even complete. Some of the parts were billed as new purchases, but the inspection uncovered the parts that were installed were after-market items.


Here are the steps you can take if you find yourself in a similar situation after a NC car accident and aren’t confident in the repair work that was completed on your car:


  • Get a second opinion and safety inspection. Find a certified collision inspector in North Carolina to review your vehicle and the receipts for the work completed. 
  • Contact your insurance company. If negligent auto body work is found, you’ll need to have your car repaired immediately so that you’re safe on the road. Contact your insurance company to report the negligent work and ask for a list of their affiliated auto body shops to compare quotes for the repairs necessary.
  • Contact an injury attorney in Raleigh, Fayetteville or Dunn with Brent Adams & Associates. Brent Adams’ NC injury offices are dedicated to helping innocent everyday people receive compensation for negligent acts that were no fault of their own. Our NC injury attorneys hold negligent manufacturers and service providers accountable for their wrongdoing.
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