Water Damage Cases in North Carolina

water damageInsurance companies may receive water damage claims in Durham soon. A recent water main break in Durham caused neighborhoods to flood in the city and adjacent neighborhoods.

Water damage is expensive and timely to repair and can have long-term consequences if not treated properly. Recently, Brent Adams won an insurance dispute case regarding water damage for a client. Adams won triple compensation for his client after the client's insurance company denied payout of additional repairs months after initial repairs were complete.

Besides ruining floors, walls and furniture, water damage can affect air quality with potential for mold. In North Carolina, with the south's notoriously hot summers, hurricane damage, high humidity and coastal areas, water issues are responsible for many concerns for homeowners and businesses. Problems from water damage may include:

  • Fungus or mold
  • Biohazardous danger (if the water that caused the damage was polluted and/or contained human waste)
  • Serious structural damage to drywall, wood and-in rare cases-concrete


You can try and prevent mold issues by properly ventilating the area, using a dehumidifier, deodorizing and seeking skilled repair services who specialize in restoration after water damage. Restoration specialists will have industrial-strength dryers, anti-microbial applications and the proper equipment to renovate areas damaged by water.

Insurance dispute attorneys in Raleigh, Fayetteville and Dunn with Brent Adams & Associates help families and businesses in North Carolina pursue their rightful compensation when insurance companies act on bad faith. Water damage creates a strong potential for health problems, financial stress and insurance disputes. Contact an insurance dispute lawyer with Brent Adams & Associates to discuss your water damage claim and learn your legal options.

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