Wake Forest Care Center Shut Down

The Wake Forest Care Center received over $40,000 in fines for accumulated violations over the past six years, and has now been forced to shut down by the North Carolina Department of Health.

NC Nursing Home License Revoked

How long can a NC nursing home stay open after the NC Department of Health orders it to cease operation? Owner Richard Cresenzo has five days, or until the final resident is safely reassigned to another facility. Under normal circumstances, the NC Division of Aging and Adult Services mandates a 30-day window of notice to ensure a safe transfer to another assisted living center.

Adult Care Home Regulation in NC

NC adult care licenses are typically valid for one year. Anyone who has their adult care license revoked in NC, like Cresenzo, must wait one full year before they can apply for another one. Although the center is working on placing residents with their sister facilities around the state and in Virginia, families may need a more convenient location that would be comparable to the Wake Forest spot. Without compromising safety, many families will be scrambling to find a new nursing home in North Carolina that they can afford and that has open beds for their loved ones.

Care for Wandering Seniors in NC

Neighboring homes near the Wake Forest Care Center report of many wandering seniors who show up on their property, and sometimes knock on their doors. Wandering is a serious problem for the elderly who suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 6 out of 10 people who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s will wander; more than half of those who wander will die within 24 hours because of dangerous situations—like the NC elderly woman who drowned in a pond—or they aren’t prepared for the environment and freeze to death or die of heat exhaustion.

NC Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

Schedule a free consultation with a NC nursing home abuse attorney in Raleigh, Fayetteville and Dunn at Brent Adams & Associates if you suspect someone you know is being neglected or abused at a nursing home in North Carolina. The sad reality is that physical, emotional and financial abuse happens at NC nursing homes, although regulations and inspections by government agencies do their best to prevent it. In regards to the Wake Forest Care Center, the health inspection system worked by removing innocent aging seniors to safe assisted living centers. Call 800.849.5931 to learn more about nursing home abuse laws in NC and how much compensation you may be entitled to for injuries and illnesses that were a result of negligent nursing home care.
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