Wake County School Bus Accident: What Would an Injured Student Do?

Students involved in an accident at school often don’t know what to do besides seek help. Students rely on teachers or other faculty to tell them what steps to take if they were in an accident on school property.

A March 2012 school bus accident in Wake County involved three Daniels Middle School students, the bus driver and a man driving a Chevy Cavalier. The bus driver allegedly collided with the Cavalier, causing it to fall into a ditch. Fortunately, no injuries resulted from the Raleigh bus wreck. Both vehicles were towed and the students were taken to school on another bus.

It’s a parent or guardian’s responsibility to look out for the best interests of their child. Just like every family should have a fire safety plan at home, parents or guardians should advise their children of an accident safety plan if they’re at school. Students can be injured in school bus crashes, science lab accidents, or simply slip-and-fall on school property. Depending on the severity of the injury, kids and teens can follow steps after an accident to keep themselves safe and protect their rights. Here are a few tips families can share with their children in case they are injured in an accident at school:

• Seek medical attention right away. Some children don’t want extra attention if they fear their friends will make fun of them for what may seem like a small accident, however parents need to make their children aware that a visit with a school nurse or other medical professional is important to analyze the injury. Many latent injuries can manifest from a single accident that children are not aware of, like a concussion. Any trauma to the head could result in a brain injury.

• File an accident or injury report. Oftentimes schools have a twenty-four hour window when accidents need to be reported. Make sure your child knows that any injury, whether on a sports field, in a classroom or on a bus, needs to be reported.

• Call their parents or guardians. Make sure your child knows they must talk directly with you if an accident happens at school. This will give you the opportunity to talk with school staff and learn about both sides of the accident, contact your family physician for a medical assessment, and contact a personal injury attorney in Raleigh, Fayetteville or Dunn with Brent Adams & Associates to discuss your child’s rights if they were injured on a NC school property due to someone else’s negligence.
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