Wake County: #1 in NC for Deer-Related Car Crashes

For over a decade, Wake County has topped the lists as the top county in North Carolina for the most deer-vehicle crashes. Wake County experienced over a thousand car crashes caused by deer last year alone. Raleigh car crashes caused by deer kept the county on the top of the list due to higher numbers of accidents on Glenwood Avenue near Umstead State Park. NC98 and Creedmoor Road near Falls Lake also accounted for the majority of the Wake County car crashes.


Deer-car crashes can cause serious injuries and damage. Preventing deer-car accidents is difficult, but drivers can reduce their risk if they are on high alert and use extra caution during peak deer travel times (dusk and dawn). There are also deer deterrence systems in certain parts of the country that have consistently reduced the number of vehicle crashes caused by deer.


November is notoriously the month with the highest number of car accidents caused by deer, and October peaked too. As animals forage for food to survive the winter, and more people are on the road to travel for holidays, it’s a perfect storm for deer collisions. Also, high construction rates in Wake County for residential and commercial businesses are most likely driving even more deer out of their natural habitats and on to dangerous roads.


Over a dozen people have died during the past decade in North Carolina deer-car crashes. Although there is no negligent driver to pursue for injury compensation, accident victims have the ability to cover some of their medical costs if they have Med-Pay coverage on their insurance policy. Med-Pay is optional coverage individuals can add to their auto insurance policy that will help pay for reasonable and necessary medical care in accidents—which is especially helpful for deer-car crash injuries that could be life-changing. If accident victims have trouble receiving the Med-Pay coverage outlined in their policy, they can contact our NC insurance dispute attorneys to file a claim to receive compensation.

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