Victims of Prescription Errors

Prescription errors happen as a result of physician negligence, pharmacist negligence or caregivers supplied wrong dosages. Patients who are victims of prescription errors may experience allergic reactions, injuries or even death.

When a patient receives the wrong type of medication, the prescription they take may not have any adverse reactions, however their condition is left untreated, which means it could cause long-term damage or other health problems. Cases like this, especially for heart or cholesterol medications, often result in death. Perhaps a patient received the correct medication, but the pharmacist failed to review how the drug should be administered and its effects.

When a prescription error occurs, patients who are victims of prescription errors are entitled to compensation. Finding the party at fault and issuing an injury or wrongful death claim will help innocent victims and their families receive compensation for additional medical treatment and/or burial expenses.

NC medical malpractice attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates help victims of prescription errors when pharmacists dispense the wrong drug, doctors prescribe wrong dosages or prescribe multiple drugs that are known to have fatal effects if combined. Learn about how NC pharmacy laws affect your injury claim in a free case review at 800.849.5931.
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