Veterans Disability Fraud Costs Man Almost $1M

Our North Carolina veterans disability claim lawyers read about a case of fraud in the news, but this particular fraudulent disability claim was the most excessive we’ve seen in years. The claimant, Ronnie Eddings from Lumberton, was found guilty receiving fraudulent veterans disability claims for 16 years. Edding’s disability claim stated he was wheelchair-bound after injuries sustained while deployed for the military. In 1994 he started to receive full disability benefits, later requesting and being approved for increased payments.


The improper benefits were recognized when the government learned about several of Eddings’ jobs that all required work that would not be possible for someone who was in a wheelchair. His sentencing sets an example to anyone else who is committing fraud by receiving disability benefits when they truly don’t qualify. Eddings’ sentence includes five years in prison, three years of supervised release and he is required to pay back $900,000 in restitution for his improper receipt of benefits.


Disability claims are often denied at first, or claimants are too confused by the veterans disability claims process to format the paperwork properly. That’s when our Raleigh, Fayetteville and Dunn disability claims attorneys help claimants with their cases, organize documents and attend hearings. A few years ago we blogged about another NC disability fraud case that involved a woman receiving benefits on behalf of herself and a dependent child, however she failed to notify the government when the child was no longer in her care and kept receiving payments fraudulently. Just after the mother’s fraud case, The New York Times reported that the government would generate significant savings by creating stricter fraud monitoring services to reduce the money unnecessarily distributed to claimants abusing the disability system. If you truly are disabled, you are entitled to disability benefits. Nothing good comes out of trying to beat the system and collect funds that you really don’t qualify for. NC veterans disability lawyers at Brent Adams are able to help, and we have one of only 41 social security benefits specialist attorneys in NC working at our firm.

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