Frequency of Brain Injuries in Military Might Prompt Veterans' Disability Benefits

veterans disability benefitsBrain injury research and diagnosis are time-intensive endeavors. Sometimes symptoms of brain trauma take weeks, months, or longer to manifest. During this time, the individual's condition could unintentionally worsen. For military members, combat and service put them in vulnerable positions where head trauma (or repeated trauma) is possible.

Head injuries can cause a number of biological complications, from compromised motor functions and paralysis, to unpredictable emotions and memory loss. Military personnel serving our country need their physical faculties in addition to sound psychological health. According to the Military Times, traumatic brain injuries afflicted more than 327,000 troops over the past 15 years. With no officially approved medications to treat brain injuries, injured persons must rely on other treatments and monitor progress over time.

What if the brain injury causes the military member to leave service? What if after their service they are unable to work as a result of their head injury? If the brain injury was caused while in service, the military member might be eligible for veterans' disability benefits. Veterans suffering traumatic brain injury who apply for disability benefits will need to substantiate their claim with medical records. If the applicant is approved, a rating will be assigned that will determine the level of compensation. The application process might seem overwhelming, but our veterans' disability lawyer can coordinate this process, help minimize stress, and ensure documents are completed properly and timely.

In addition to veterans' disability benefits, many resources are available across the state. For instance, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) offers connections to a Brain Injury Advisory Council, helplines, and more. Additionally, the Brain Injury Association of North Carolina offers special support services specifically for military-veterans.

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