Vehicle Safety Features of Today and Tomorrow

car safety featuresOur car accident lawyers in Raleigh receive updates about the latest advances in automobile engineering that help make the roads safer for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. The advancing rate of new technologies is ever-increasing, so we are offering a peek into future auto safety devices that we will likely see used in new cars down the literal and figurative road:

Cameras - Almost everyone has driven in a vehicle (typically vans and SUVs) that have a rear camera that is displayed on the dashboard to help the driver safely back out of parking spots. These cameras will be required on all new cars starting in a few years. (A federal deadline has not yet been announced.) However, new car camera technology will include brake sensors, multiple cameras, cameras that can detect and correct lane changes, and cameras that can read signs!

Headlights - Most new vehicles have daytime running lights, which are headlights that are on all day. Many modern cars have sensors where these lights automatically run on when natural light fades, which means forgetful drivers will be visible by other drivers on the road. New technology has also offered high-beam lights with auto detection abilities, so that they automatically dim when passing an approaching vehicle. The latest headlight advances will produce adaptive headlights--ones that turn in the direction the vehicle is moving.

Collision detection - Services in some new cars alert the driver through a series of beeps. New automatic braking services are being combined with collision detection, which automatically slows down the vehicle in order to prevent a car crash. Studies by Mercedes show that combining these technologies reduced the rate of collisions by 14% of crash tests.

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