Use Smartphones to Prove Negligence

The latest mobile phone technologies are used by almost every American. Apps and features on smartphones create a specialized invisible tracking trail that helps law enforcement officials collect evidence to determine who is at fault in an accident.


If you’re in a car accident and you believe the other driver was illegally talking or texting on their phone, police can request to check the suspect’s phone to see if messages or calls were placed at the time of the accident. This helps gather evidence to support the negligence of the other party in your case.


If the allegedly negligent driver was savvy enough to delete messages or erase calls before police check their phone, you could also request they provide records from their mobile phone provider or check their social media sites for photos they recently posted. Why photos? Smartphones leave a trail through geotracking technology. The technology adds geotagging code to photos, pinpointing users exact locations when “checking in” to locations through apps like FourSquare or posting photos on social media sites.


Most smartphones have the geotagging feature active by default. Popular models that geotag photos include:


  • Google Android
  • iPhone
  • Blackberry with GPS
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