Uninsured Business Owners in NC Must Pay or Face Jail

The Industrial Commission’s goal is to ensure injured workers are treated fairly, but in NC there are tens of thousands of businesses operating without workers’ comp insurance, leaving employees hurt on the job with no means of compensation.


NC Uninsured Businesses


Now these NC uninsured businesses must make a contribution toward injured workers’ compensation claims or they will face jail time. State officials are requiring employers involved in most of the cases to pay judgments and create a payment schedule for their next hearing. If they don’t pay? They will be taken to jail.


NC Workers’ Comp Payments


Many of these businesses are complying with NC workers’ comp payments to avoid jail time, but their finances are being drained from other debts like alimony, rent, utilities, personal medical expenses and more. But, injured workers have these expenses too, on top of their medical treatment costs and lost wages due to their injury or illness caused by their employer’s work environment. Why should innocent injured workers suffer because of negligent business owners in NC?


NC Workers Comp Attorneys


Are you having trouble collecting workers’ comp payments from your employer? NC workers’ comp attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates help injured workers receive the payments they deserve. Whether your NC workers’ comp claim has been repeatedly denied or your employer didn’t have workers’ comp insurance, our team of workers’ comp lawyers and paralegals will make sure your case is heard so that you will receive the highest payments possible.

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