Types of Drug Injuries

defective drug lawsuits ncBrent Adams & Associates' drug injury attorneys work with families who have lost loved ones due to drug injuries as well as individuals who are suffering because of poor health caused by drugs. So many new drugs are being approved and released without knowledge of long-term affects. Pharmaceutical giants are relentless in the distribution and sales of medications and often move the focus away from the drugs' side effects.

By the time illnesses, deaths and conditions are linked to a medication; many people have suffered or unknowingly damaged their bodies. Irreversible damage occurs to innocent people. Some drug injury lawsuits in NC are for:

  • Yaz - Drug injury lawyers fight for the compensation that victims of recalled medications are entitled to. Yaz, an oral contraceptive for women, has been linked to blood clots and stroke. Additionally, Yaz birth control lawsuits have been filed for gallbladder issues. Women who took Yaz also suffered deep vein thrombosis, cervical cancer, hair loss, severe migraines, liver damage and heart attacks.
  • Topamax - Used to treat epilepsy, Topamax was discovered to increase the chances of a cleft palate in infants. Warning labels were only updated in early 2011 to alert users of the serious birth defects the drug causes. Patients who took Topamax while they were pregnant may be eligible for compensation to cover pain, suffering and medical expenses.
  • Chantix - 46 million people smoke cigarettes in the US, according to 2009 reports from the CDC. Many people interested in becoming healthier by quitting smoking were prescribed Chantix. Instead of helping patients toward a healthier lifestyle, Chantix was later linked to depression, violent behavioral changes and thoughts of suicide.

If you're suffering symptoms and health problems you believe are caused by a prescription medication, one of our Raleigh-area drug injury attorneys can help. Keep track of doctor visits, prescription records and all medical bills and records that you believe were a result of the drug in question. The laws surrounding pharmaceutical manufacturers are highly complex and our lawyers are experienced and familiar with them. Having an attorney on your side when filing a drug injury lawsuit increases your chances of receiving higher compensation.

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