Types of Car Accidents in NC

North Carolina's roads are full of traffic and traffic accidents. Vehicle crashes, tractor trailer collisions, motorcycle accidents--all of them happen across the state.

Automobile manufacturers release a series of car safety reports every year. Cars are designed with specific safety features in mind, however severe injuries still occur because of auto accidents in NC.

Catastrophic car accident injuries are caused by:


  • Tire blowouts - Tire blowouts can happen because of a vehicle overload, tread separation or impact damage. The rapid deflating of the tire causes the driver to lose control of the vehicle, which puts themselves and others on the road in danger.
  • Drunk drivers - Driving while intoxicated puts drivers, passengers and pedestrians at a greatly increased risk of death. Mental and physical skills are significantly impaired when under the influence.
  • Rollovers - Over 1/3 of SUV crashes are due to rollovers. Rollovers occur most of the time because of high-speed turns. They can also happen because of a collision with another vehicle or slope of terrain.
  • Airbags - There have been airbag injuries linked to glaucoma, facial deformities and even death. Other airbag injuries include hearing impairment, head injuries, broken noses and burns.
  • Seat design - Modern researchers are always changing the design of car seats to make them more comfortable for touring and safer should a collision occur. Children involved in car accidents suffer more injuries because of the design of the seat. Defective car seats result in personal injuries and even death. Sadly, some car seat makers use the minimum design standards-and regulations haven't changed in a few decades.
  • Car fires - Collisions and turnovers cause car fires, but most car fires are due to poor maintenance.
  • Recalls - View auto recalls online to make sure the vehicle you're driving isn't a safety hazard.

A vehicle wreck is alarming and can be fatal. The shock at the scene of an accident often keeps victims from protecting their rights. It's important to hold off on big decision-making until the victim has a chance to speak to an auto accident attorney at Brent Adams & Associates. Our accident attorneys will review their case and explain all settlement options.

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