Two-Year-Old Injured By Dog In Backyard

According to police, a 2-year-old boy required hospitalization at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for the personal injuries he sustained after half of his face was bitten by a dog in Pacoima, California.

According to Los Angeles Police Sgt. Rich Suviate, on June 4, the toddler was playing in the backyard of his home under the supervision of his grandmother. Suviate says the family dog suddenly “tackled the child” before biting him from the bridge of his nose below the eye socket, down the bridge of his nose, through his mouth, and the entire cheek area.

Immediately, the grandmother attempted to pull the dog off of the boy, according to Suviate. He said that she also suffered personal injuries, including bites to the back of her right leg and thigh and her hand and forearm.

According to Suviate, L.A. firefighters arrived on-scene and were required to spray the dog, in addition to another barking in the front yard, with a fire extinguisher to retrieve the boy.
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