According to Clayton’s police chief, the personal injuries suffered by two 16-year-old boys hit by a truck in Clayton on the morning of October 19 were not believed to be serious.


Clayton police chief Glenn Allen said that neither of the boys’ injuries were life-threatening. He said one may have fractured his lower leg, ankle or foot, but the other’s injuries were minor.


The names of the teenagers have not been released by police, but both are believed to be Clayton High School students because the school is near the intersection where the accident occurred.


Police have not released the names of the teens, but the police chief thinks both are students at Clayton High School, which is near the intersection where the truck collided with the youngsters. Authorities say both boys received transport to Johnston Medical Center in Clayton.


The accident took place at approximately 7:30 a.m. as the boys were crossing the eastbound lanes on U.S. 70 Business. A truck that was about to turn left onto Robertson Street struck them as they were walking across a turn lane.
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