A new bill is being proposed that will cut veterans' benefits. The $1.1 trillion federal budget plan Trump is suggesting could leave 225,000 Veterans without any benefits. During Trump's campaign, he pledged to reform VA benefits. However, his federal budget is stating otherwise, according to Military.com.

President Trump's plan will eliminate payments to Veterans who are unemployed and reached the age of Social Security benefits. Veterans who receive benefits now have a 60 to 100 percent disability rating, according to Military.com. Each veteran is paid as if they are 100% disabled since their service obtained disability prevents them from working. The new budget proposal would eliminate benefits to veterans who can legally draw Social Security.

Representative, Mark Takano of Hawaii explains, that a veteran who has never been able to work due to his disability obtained from his service has not had the chance to pay into Social Security or any other retirement plan.

The national president of Vietnam Veterans of America, John Rowan, explains that Trump's plan could leave thousands of Veterans homeless. 

In the VA's statement on the budget plan, they said, "The FY 2018 budget includes 82.1 billion in discretionary funding, largely for health care, and $104.3 billion in mandatory funding for benefit programs, such as disability compensation and pensions, and for continuation of Veterans Choice Program."

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