A small Illinois trucking company involved in a gruesome crash in which five people in North Carolina suffered fatal personal injuries had been cited a dozen times this year for violations, including two speeding infractions.


According to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Records, Justice, Illinois-based Globe Carrier Co. had also been given citations for improper lighting, brakes, and other maintenance violations. Records show the company as having only one rig and two drivers.


Driver Roumen Todorov Velkov was charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter after troopers say he failed to stop and slammed into a line of vehicles on Interstate 26 near Fletcher on the night of October 24. Authorities said that a fifth person has since died and a six remained in critical condition.


According to Trooper Gene Williamson of the North Carolina Highway Patrol, Velkov’s tractor trailer was traveling at an estimated rate of at least 60 mph when he collided with the line of stopped vehicles. At the time of the accident, the area was well lit, fairly straight, and had no rain on the roadway. Williamson said he saw no signs of skid marks, but the case remained under investigation.


The majority of the Globe Carrier violations this year came from a January walk-around inspection in Pennsylvania. The company was cited for three lights that were inoperable, problems with the windshield, and record-keeping violations. A few days later, the company was cited for speeding in Michigan. Another speeding violation came in Ohio in June. Records do not show who the driver was at the time.


The victims of the crash were 23-year-old Asheville resident Theresa Seaver, 22-year-old Hendersonville resident Charles Novak, Hendersonville resident Amber Reed, 55-year-old Lexington, South Carolina resident Gail Kimble, and 60-year-old Lexington, South Carolina resident Alvin Kimble Jr.

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