Trends in Lightning Claim Values

lightning damageInsurance dispute lawyers in Raleigh review the latest trends in insurance claims for lightning damage:

The number of lightning-related accidents reported to insurance companies has been going down, dropping by almost half in the past decade. However,  the cost of each claim is going up. 

  • An average claim for lightning damage was $6,400 in 2012. (Compared to just $2,600 in 2004.)
  • Over 151,000 insurance claims were filed and paid for damage related to lightning in 2012.
  • $969M is paid annually for lightning damage claims.

With the stormy weather this spring and summer, combined with potential tornadoes and hurricane damage in North Carolina, our insurance dispute lawyers in Raleigh are encouraging individuals to review their insurance policies and ensure they have adequate coverage. If you do experience damage - whether it is a fire, an electrical surge that damages your computer, or a tree falling on your home after being struck by lightning - and your insurance company is not providing the compensation as outlined in your policy, our insurance dispute lawyers can help. Learn more about North Carolina insurance disputes.

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