Treating Baseball Head Injuries

raleigh injury lawyerThe sport that causes the most injuries? Football. However, baseball injuries may be responsible for life-changing and fatal injuries as well. As part Brain Injury Awareness Month, our Raleigh injury lawyers are focusing on accidents that have caused head trauma. Lee Winstead, a student in Nashville, NC, suffered a brain injury after a school baseball accident during practice. The trauma the baseball caused to Winstead's head required emergency brain surgery. He missed four months of school while he recovered. Winstead's perserverence through rehab since his baseball injury in 2011 has finally led him to returning to the game in 2013. 

For many other young victims of baseball accidents, brain injuries are a sign of severe troubles. Statistics show that brain injuries are the leading cause of sports-related deaths for children. Research also shows that more than half of injuries don't even occur during a game, they happen during practice--just like Winstead's baseball injury.

Treating brain injuries caused by baseball accidents varies. For Winstead, he was at a risk for a brain hemorrhage so surgeons needed to perform brain surgery right away to prevent that from happening. Other times victims may be treated for concussions. Learn about the symptoms of concussions to help recognize injuries. In these cases they will be closely monitored. There are also cases where brain injuries cause memory loss, paralysis, or sensory impairments and victims may require care for the rest of their lives. Our Raleigh injury lawyers pursue the negligent party for compensation of medical costs, long-term care expenses, and pain and suffering on behalf of accident victims and their families.

If you or someone you love is a baseball player, encourage them to use appropriate safety equipment to prevent injuries:

  • Batting helmet
  • Mouthguard
  • Shin guards
  • Elbow guards
  • Breakaway bases


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