Traumatic Brain Injury Therapy Program for Vets

Victims of brain injuries don’t always know they have brain damage right after an accident. Symptoms of some brain injuries develop with time—and not just hours after the trauma. Weeks or months may pass before the victim starts to show signs of a traumatic brain injury.


  • How can you tell if you have a brain injury?
  • Memory loss
  • Problems with speech, forming sentences, carrying on conversations
  • Lack of concentration, poor attention span
  • Impaired motor skills, difficult coordination
  • Vision problems, sensitivity to light
  • Headaches


It’s imperative to see a neurologist. These specialists, especially if seen early, can help minimize the long-term effects of the head trauma and, in some cases, alleviate the symptoms altogether.


Army officer Donald Jarvis was in his vehicle when a bomb exploded underneath him. He survived with what he though was just a knee injury, but a month later he started experiencing memory problems. Jarvis is now receiving treatment for his brain injury at Virginia’s Traumatic Brain Injury Program at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital. Programs like this are available around the country and help soldiers receive the military healthcare treatment they need to heal and assimilate back into civilian life.

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