Traumatic Brain Injuries: Finding a Raleigh Injury Lawyer

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can happen in a variety of accidents, from car crashes and bike accidents, to football injuries and slip-and-falls. The first step to building a strong NC personal injury lawsuit is finding a Raleigh injury lawyer who knows the unique set of skills needed for winning the highest compensation possible for TBI victims in North Carolina.


Brain Injuries in NC


Sports injuries in North Carolina schools don’t always clear up after a few weeks of rest and physical therapy. The rate of brain injuries in NC from high school football has only been going up, according to a recent News & Observer report. Laws that govern accidents on school property will require extensive legal knowledge from injury attorneys with a history of successfully representing injured students.


TBI in Seniors


The leading cause of TBI in seniors is falling, according to the Centers for Disease Control. North Carolina accident attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates research each injury case to determine every degree of negligence the at-fault party is responsible for. Was your elderly loved one in a nursing home that was poorly cleaned, leaving an unsafe surface that your relative slipped and fell on?


When you find a NC injury lawyer for your TBI claim, ask the following questions:


  • What’s the statute of limitations in North Carolina for TBI?
  • What if there were no witnesses to my TBI accident, how can I prove where it happened?
  • How can my family be compensated for my TBI?
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