Trampoline Injuries: Who is at Fault?

Trampolines are a great form of aerobic exercise and a fun activity for kids. Trampoline use can help people stay fit and burn off calories, but a trampoline injury could severely injure and impair someone for the rest of their life.


Don’t underestimate the damage a trampoline injury has caused. Almost 250,000 people are injured every year due to trampoline accidents, according to the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons. Symptoms of head trauma sometimes take weeks or months to develop. Have doctors run tests to check for traumatic brain and spinal injuries.


Trampolines are popular with children who often have their friends visit and play together. Parents see it as a great way to get kids off the TV, away from video games, and back outside for fresh air. Who is at fault in a trampoline accident if…


  • …your child is injured at someone else’s house on a trampoline? Many factors of liability are present here. Was your child pushed or put in an unsafe situation on the trampoline because of another child? If your child was injured on a friend’s trampoline, but their friend’s parents rent the house and there were grade issues on the ground where the trampoline was kept, making it easily tip over or flip, you may have an injury case with the property owner as well. Were you or a guardian for your child present to keep an eye on your child for safety, or was your child under the supervision of their friend’s parents at the time of the accident? Negligent supervision could be a factor as well.
  • …someone else is injured on your trampoline on your property? The same factors above apply. Who was supervising? Were kids using toys on the trampoline that created a hazardous condition? Your homeowner’s insurance policy may help cover the cost of the injuries; however some insurance policies do not cover accidents associated with trampolines, just like some homeowners’ policies have breed restrictions if certain breeds of dogs reside in the home. In the case that your insurance policy has a trampoline exclusion, your personal assets are at stake. If the trampoline itself appears to have been defective, contact the manufacturer and learn about recalled parts, models or other injuries associated with the same product.


After a trampoline accident there are two things you need to do. The first step is to seek medical treatment and keep copies of all receipts and doctor notes. The second step is to contact a personal injury lawyer in North Carolina who knows state-specific laws as well as federal laws that will protect your best interests in an injury lawsuit.

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