Accident Caused by Failing to Stop and Excessive Speeding

Individuals in North Carolina who are victims of an accident that was caused by a negligent driver who failed to stop at a stop sign or was excessively speeding might begin to learn about our state's laws that pertain to negligence. One fatal accident that took place in October on NC-27 took the lives of five people. The individuals who died were Esteban Isidro of Raleigh (the driver), Jorge Gallarbo of Mexico, Germain Chavez of Angier, and sisters Ashley and Norma Martinez also of Angier. Why Isidro failed to stop at a stop sign remains a mystery to investigators. His failing to stop resulted in a collision with a tanker truck.
The tanker truck driver, Ronnie Vanatta, Jr. of Pikeville, was not speeding. The timing of the accident did not allow for him to avoid crash with Isidro. Vanatta also struck a car driven by Benson resident Kimberly Jones, who was on the other side of NC-27. Jones survived and suffered ankle and collarbone injuries. Vanatta also survived with minor injuries.


Did Isidro miss the stop sign due to distraction, intoxication, or willful negligence? An investigation would be required to determine more. Accident reconstruction, laboratory tests, statements from witnesses who were with Isidro and the passengers prior to the accident, and a review of Isidro's driving and personal history could help shed light on his behavior. 

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