Tractor-Trailer Safety Violations

Tractor trailer accidents have a higher risk of fatality due to their speeds and immense size of cargo. Even when there is no snow, ice or rain to make driving conditions worse, truck accidents happen. A recent tractor-wreck in Raleigh on I-540 caused heavy traffic delays. The double-decker trailer was carrying cars and became stuck under an overpass for several hours. The accident caused detours near the Louisburg Road and I-540 connection.

A truck’s size makes it more difficult to stop than a traditional car, which makes response times to road obstructions more risky. Large trucks also need more space for turning. This can also cause problems at intersections where jackknifes and collisions may occur. Aside from trucks themselves, trucking companies try to cut corners in order to maximize their earnings on shipments. Overloading trucks and pressing drivers to work longer hours can lead to dangerous deliveries and drivers asleep behind the wheel.

Just last year a local news station reported that North Carolina is in the top ten states in the nation with the most tractor-trailer accidents. Why is North Carolina so high on the list for truck accidents? Reports point to poor maintenance. Negligent truck care and subpar enforcement of safety violations are believed to contribute to the high truck crash rates.

What types of negligent vehicle care are NC inspections failing to fix?

  • Bald tires
  • Cracked wheel rims
  • Insecure loads
  • Loads in excess of regulation weights
  • False road logs
  • Broken lights or reflectors
If you were injured in a NC tractor-trailer accident at no fault of your own, our truck accident lawyers in Raleigh, Fayetteville and Dunn will review your case. Truck accident attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates recover financial damages for innocent victims of collisions caused by careless truck drivers.
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