Tornadoes: Help With North Carolina Insurance Claim Problems

Insurance claims that are underpaid or denied are a huge problem for North Carolina residents who have suffered hurricane and tornado damage. Storm-damaged homes in coastal county cities like Wilmington, to Piedmont areas like Randolph County, are left in disrepair because homeowners haven’t received the funding outlined in their insurance policies.

If an insurance company is not providing enough coverage to repair or replace damage caused by a hurricane or tornado in NC, you need to consult an NC insurance dispute attorney. Insurance dispute attorneys in Raleigh, Fayetteville and Dunn with Brent Adams & Associates help policyholders fight for fair compensation on behalf of home and business owners anywhere in NC.

Insurance dispute attorneys only get paid if you get paid, which means our NC insurance dispute offices have teams of paralegals assisting lawyers on your case. Whether you have damage from a hurricane, tornado or high wind or water damage from a severe thunderstorm, a Brent Adams & Associates insurance dispute attorney will organize your insurance documentation, assess your property damage and build a strong case against your insurance company.

Homeowners who experience denied claims for storm damage are not the only cases handled by our insurance dispute law offices. Our insurance dispute attorneys also help NC companies collect damages for lost business as outlined in their insurance policies if their insurance provider fails to compensate them accordingly. Contact Brent Adams & Associates’ insurance dispute lawyers if you are not receiving adequate compensation or if your claim has been denied. Our NC insurance dispute attorneys will review your claim for free. 800.849.5931
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