Top NC Workers’ Comp Questions

How long do you have to wait for NC workers’ compensation payments? What happens when you’re injured while doing your job in NC?


When you will receive workers’ comp payments in NC depends on how your claim is settled. If your NC workers’ comp payments are determined by a clincher, you may have to wait up to a month before funds are available. Although more common than most people realize, many injured workers become anxious about their payments when their NC workers’ comp claim is denied. A denial means even more time must pass before the person who was hurt at work can receive payments; during this time medical treatment costs are adding up on top of general living expenses. A simple way to speed up the claim process is to work with a NC workers’ comp attorney who knows exactly how the workers’ comp system of North Carolina operates.


During a summer workplace accident in Morrisville, an employee who was preparing food was hurt when the wrong chemicals were mixed and caused an explosion. Further reports have not yet been released, but the explosion may have been a result of negligent labeling, inadequate training, or poor safety equipment. The injured worker is already receiving medical care for the accident injuries, which means a NC workers’ comp claim would help cover the healthcare expenses associated with the workplace injury.


Anyone who is injured while doing their job should consult with a workers’ comp lawyer who can explain North Carolina’s requirements for a valid claim. If you’re injured at work, the first step is to receive medical treatment (like the Morrisville workplace accident above) and make certain that doctors record in their notes that your injuries were caused by being hurt on-the-job. Documentation is essential for your NC workers’ comp claim. Having the right paperwork and finding the right workers’ comp lawyer in NC are the other two steps you need to take after receiving treatment in order to have the strongest claim possible.

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