Top 5 Causes of Work Injuries

work injuriesIndividuals might think that employees working in an environment with hazardous chemicals or complex machinery might experience top causes of workplace injuries. These individuals are partially correct. Although injuries occur in scientific, manufacturing, and construction environments - the leading cause of a nonfatal work injury is physical: Overexertion.

Overexerted employees experience the most workplace injuries. This encompasses a number of activities and industries. Mainly though, overexertion is related to significant physical stress attributed to holding, pulling/pushing, and lifting. (The fifth contributing factor noted below--other exertions--refers to other physical stressors like kneeling, bending, and climbing. 


  1. Overexertion
  2. Falls (same level)
  3. Struck by object
  4. Falls (down a level or more)
  5. Other exertions


Fall injuries are common in and out of workplaces. However, work-related injuries follow a different set of legal regulations than non-work-related injuries. Raleigh workers comp attorney Brent Adams explains more about this matter in the video above.

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