Top 5 Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents happen almost ten times as often as vehicle crashes, according to 2006 data reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Plus, one out of four motorcycle accidents are single-vehicle crashes, that means in the majority of accidents another vehicle is involved.


NC Motorcycle Accidents


Motorcycles put riders at a much higher risk of injury, but why are North Carolina motorcycle riders statistically more prone to accidents? What are the top causes of NC motorcycle accidents?

  • Speeding. Most fatal motorcycle crashes where the rider was negligent were caused from falls after the rider ran wide on a curve or over-braked.
  • Alcohol. About half of all motorcycle crashes are related to high alcohol levels.
  • Other negligent drivers. Two out of every three motorcycle crashes is caused by the negligence of another vehicle driver.
  • Not being seen. In more than half of the motorcycle accidents that take place the drivers of other vehicles made no attempt to avoid the crash because they did not see the motorcycle rider.
  • Intersections. Most motorcycle accidents happen at intersections where the driver of another vehicle violates the motorcyclist’s right-of-way.


Motorcycle Crash Victims


After reviewing the top causes of motorcycle accidents above, it’s clear that the majority of motorcycle crashes are caused by another negligent driver, leaving the motorcyclist severely injured or the rider’s family grieving if the crash was fatal. NC motorcycle accident attorneys in Raleigh, Fayetteville and Dunn at Brent Adams & Associates help motorcycle crash victims pursue injury claims. Motorcycle crash victims are at a higher risk of brain damage and spinal injury, which can have life-changing effects and extensive therapy sessions during recovery. Expensive healthcare combined with the financial duress of lost wages can quickly compromise a crash victim and their family. That’s why a NC motorcycle accident attorney who is passionate about helping innocent accident victims needs to represent your best interests. Call 800.849.5931 to schedule a free review of your injury claim.

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