Top 3 Causes of Auto Accidents

Triangle-area traffic causes personal injuries to innocent drivers in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. Congested roads and Interstates are used by thousands of negligent drivers who may not have insurance, don’t maintain their vehicles properly or who drive negligently.

1. Speeding is the top cause of auto accidents in NC. High speeds make it more difficult for the driver to control their vehicle. Reaction times are also lower because speeding reduces the distance a driver has to respond to an obstruction. The injuries sustained from a high-speed crash, if the driver and passengers survive, are typically much more severe than an accident that occurs at lower speeds.

2. Distracted driving is a top cause of auto accidents in NC. Drivers are distracted by cell phones (calls and text messages), fumbling with GPS units, reading a book, eating food, applying makeup, trying to reach for objects to take care of kids or update music. These are just a few distractions inside the vehicle that can cause a driver to lose control and cause harm or death to other innocent motorists. According to the NC Department of Motor Vehicles, distracted drivers are the second most common cause of car crashes. “In-attentive driving” by nineteen-year-old Kristy Tamayo was one of the factors that caused a fatal wreck in Clayton that killed passenger Tania Ritacco.

3. Wrong-way drivers are a risk to other drivers when they enter one-way streets in the opposite direction or enter Interstates on the wrong ramp. Head-on collisions are typically a result of wrong-way driving. Head-on collisions have a higher risk for fatal injuries. What causes wrong-way driving? According to A&M University research, freeway ramps were associated with the highest rates of wrong-way driving accidents. The study also showed that male, specifically elderly, drivers made up the most of the wrong-way driver demographic. Out of all the wrong-way driving accidents, almost three-quarters of them were due to the influence of drugs or alcohol and most occurred at night. A fatal wreck in Dunn was recently caused by a wrong-way driver.

Car Accidents in Raleigh & NC

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