Tips for Wandering Problems With Seniors

An 84-year-old Lenoir County woman was killed after she wandered away from home. Alva Waldie had gone to visit the pond by herself early in the evening to feed the fish. Sandy Bottom Volunteer Fire Department first responders, a Lenoir County detective and paramedics tried to revive eighty-four-year-old Alva Waldie after they pulled her out of a pond in Kinston.

Kinston Senior Citizen Dies in Pond

The elderly woman's family came looking for her when they found her floating in the pond, according to WRAL. Authorities have not released information regarding the cause of Waldie's drowning. The pond was in a backyard and no details about negligent property maintenance have been reported.

Care for Wandering Elders

Waldie was not a resident in a senior care facility, however most nursing homes have special procedures and prevention tactics for senior citizens who are prone to wander. The Silver Alert system was created by state governments so that adult care centers could report a missing person. Before the Silver Alert system, only family members were allowed to file a missing person report and North Carolina is one of the few states that use the Silver Alert system.

Keep Wandering Seniors Safe

Senior citizens are the fastest growing segment of the population, according to Senior Living. Wandering is a common problem for elders, who commonly experience dementia or Alzheimer's symptoms as they age. If you have an elderly loved one you care for, here are a few tips to keep wandering seniors safe:

  • Wandering is typically triggered by anxiety, medication side effects and stress. Try to limit these affects.
    Don't raise your voice or restrain a wandering senior.
    Never leave a senior alone if they have a history of wandering.
    Make sure neighbors are aware of your situation and have your contact information.
    Use doorknob covers that make it difficult to turn the knob.

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