Tips for Sports Injury Claims

Playing sports comes with the possible risk of injury. Physical contact with other players, slip-and-falls, faulty equipment, poorly maintained sports facilities and other factors can cause brain, spinal, knee and other injuries—and in some cases, even death.

NC Sports Injury Accident

A nine-year-old boy from Wade, NC was killed by a soccer goal post while playing a game at a family gathering. Every week the families meet for a kids’ soccer game, but at this week’s game the goal post allegedly tipped over and fatally struck the boy, Juan Escalera, on his head. The sports injury accident took place at one of the families’ homes in Newton Grove. According to the Children’s Hospital Boston, brain injury is the leading cause of sports-related death in children. Information about the sports equipment maintenance has not been released, however in some cases inadequate care of sports equipment or negligent adult supervision has caused life-changing injuries or death for children.

School District Liability for Children’s Injuries

When sports injuries happen on school property, families need to protect their child’s rights. The school and the school’s insurance company will try and keep the most money possible in any injury claim that the family files. Raleigh injury attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates know exactly how insurance companies operate. Our NC accident lawyers know how to present injury claims to insurance companies in order to get the highest compensation possible for our clients. What can you do when your child is injured at school?

* File an accident report with police as soon as your child is injured at school.
* Get names of witnesses.
* Start documenting medical expenses.

Sports: Risk of Injury and Medical Bills

Washington parents cited a coach’s negligence as the reason for their son’s wrestling injury. The case has not been settled yet, however the school is allegedly fighting the case stating the students engaging in certain sports are accepting the potential risk of injury. The sports injury case is causing a great deal of controversy while the student’s family continues to hold and mount debt due to the injured teen’s medical bills.

Accident Attorneys Raleigh

Accident attorneys in Raleigh, Fayetteville and Dunn with Brent Adams & Associates help families across North Carolina whose children have been injured on school property. Innocent children are injured in slip-and-fall cases, sports injuries and accidents on school trips. These children may suffer injuries that will affect them the rest of their life. NC accident lawyers in our personal injury offices will review your accident claim at no cost. Contact our injury lawyers at 800.849.5931 to schedule a confidential consultation.
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