Tips for Social Security Disability Claim Denials

Anyone who is suffering a disability and can no longer work in NC has a long process ahead of them if they have never filed for Social Security Disability benefits before. More times than not, the Social Security Disability applicant will be denied. Hearings for appeals require more paperwork and time, the same time that the disabled claimant is in a state of financial insecurity with no income and potentially mounting housing and medical bills.

A recent article in the Houston Chronicle cites that more people appealed their Social Security Disability Insurance claims in 2011 than ever before. Over 3 million disability claims were completed.

With appeals for disability claims topping in over 850,000, how can someone avoid mistakes after their SSDI claim is denied?

• Deadlines for SSDI appeals are extremely important. Make sure all documentation is provided by the mandated dates.
• Make sure all SSDI hearing documentation is complete. A common mistake with SSDI appeals is that claimants forget to fill out information. This is a simple error you can avoid by using a NC SSDI attorney at Brent Adams & Associates who will make sure every important detail about your condition is included.
• Keep copies of your SSDI claim. Missing paperwork will require more time when time is already of the essence. Keep hard copies and scan them to create digital records. You can keep digital copies on your computer, a flash drive or external hard drive.

NC SSDI Attorneys

SSDI claimants should not run the risk of filing the claim on their own. Using an expert of disability law, like one of the NC SSDI attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates, means your claim will be optimized for processing. Call 800.849.5931 to schedule a free consultation for your SSDI claim.
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