Tips for NC Bicyclists to Avoid Getting Hit by Cars

North Carolina is an ideal place for bike riders; according to the NC Department of Transportation, the state's mild climate, rolling terrain, country roads and greenways make the region a cyclist hotspot. But, cyclists share the roads with drivers. In order for bicyclists to avoid getting hit by cars they need to make themselves visible.

Make NC Drivers Pay Attention to Cyclists

A headlight installed on the front of a bike is one of the keys to making a bicyclist more visible to other drivers on the road. Some front headlights come with a strobe setting. There are also headlamps that can be attached to helmets. If a biker isn't sure another driver can see them, yelling or using a horn can get their attention too.

Dangers of Riding Bikes on Sidewalks

Bicyclists may be keen to ride on sidewalks on streets with heavy traffic. Cyclists who ride on sidewalks put themselves and pedestrians in danger. More accidents occur when cars are backing out of driveways and they don't see a cyclist on the sidewalk. Whenever bikers must use a sidewalk to ride, they should avoid parking lot entries. These are also spots where cars are prone to collide.

NC Bike-Car Collisions

Although people may think it's uncommon, there are cyclists killed each year after they run into open car doors. Experts from recommend riding more to the left in areas with parked cars. Not too far left though. Cyclists riding against traffic are putting themselves at an extremely high risk of collision, but even with bikers knowing this danger 25% of all accidents are due to this negligence.

Wearing a Helmet in NC

Helmet laws vary across the country, but helmets will not prevent collisions-they will only help prevent injuries from collisions. Following the advice above will reduce the risk for a bike-car collision, but accidents will always happen. Bikers need to be extra careful with safety since negligent NC drivers break hands-free laws and drive while talking on their cell phones. There are many distracting influences. According to Alcohol Alert, NC had over 1,400 drunk driving fatalities in 2008. Responsible and irresponsible drivers juggle many distractions.

Bike Injuries After Car Accident

An injured or hurt bicyclist could suffer serious injuries that may last a lifetime. Paralysis and brain damage could prevent the cyclist from caring for themselves or earning an income. How can they be compensated for the bike accident? Brent Adams & Associates' accident attorneys in Raleigh, Dunn and Fayetteville work with clients who suffer because of bike-car accidents. Our clients receive compensation for medical treatment, pain and suffering, lost wages and more.

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