Tips for Elderly Drivers

Although there are minimum age requirements for driving, there is no maximum age requirement. Drivers remain licensed based upon their driving history and ability. Driving comes with a new set of challenges for senior citizens, who may be battling memory loss or other cognitive impairments, arthritis or vision problems.

Older Driver Safety

Aging affects driving, no matter how well seniors take care of their health. Often times family or friends need to intervene and provide transportation services for their loved one. Removing a driving privilege is a sensitive issue because it means the individual is losing part of their freedom and they are moving into a new life stage. Keeping dignity in tact while aiding the acceptance of this new way of life is a tough topic to discuss with a senior relative or friend.

The AAA Foundation reports that driving abilities commonly begin to deteriorate at age 55. Routine vision and hearing tests are extremely helpful at preventing accidents. Doctors may determine that their elderly patient can no longer drive at night, or they may prescribe a hearing aid, both of which can prevent risky situations that could be fatal.

Studies from the Mayo Clinic show that seniors who stay physically active have better driving abilities later in life. Walking, stretching and strength training are all great choices. This improves response times and standard driving movements like turning the steering wheel and checking over one’s shoulder to see if the road is clear. Read more driving tips for seniors.

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