A 3-year-old girl from Wellsville, Ohio is currently in recovery from the personal injuries she suffered when she was bitten on the back by a dog and may require a rabies vaccination.

Reportedly, the dog was shot and buried on June 6, rather than being tested for rabies. The county’s health department now says that it is too late for the animal to be tested.

According to the mother of the victim, her daughter was walking across the driveway to her grandmother’s house when the dog came running down the hill, knocked the girl to the ground, and bit her on the back.

The girl’s mother said her husband struck the dog several times with a garbage can in an attempt to get it off, but the animal would not stop attacking. She said the dog then turned and attacked her other daughter and the responding animal control officer.

Police finally stepped in and shot the animal. However, according to the health department, the dog somehow ended up buried, rather than being handed over to them as it should have been.

The victim’s mother said that the authorities said the dog’s owner told them it had been vaccinated, but could not provide proof.

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