On the night of May 6, three people required hospital transport for the personal injuries they suffered when their vehicle overturned at the intersection of South Reilly and Cliffdale roads in Fayetteville.


Fayetteville police say the crash occurred shortly before 7:30 p.m.


According to police, 22-year-old Raeford resident Magen Renae Mills attempted to make a U-turn while pulling out of the parking lot of a Kangaroo convenience store. An oncoming Mazda collided with her vehicle, resulting in her vehicle overturning.


The Mazda’s driver, 21-year-old Fayetteville resident Sherrelle Bligen, received transport to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center for minor injuries, according to a police spokesman.


According to the spokesman, one of Mills’ passengers, 21-year-old Fayetteville resident Jennie Keith, also received transport to Cape Fear Valley with minor injuries.


A 2-year-old child who was a passenger in Mills’ vehicle later was taken by family to the hospital.


Police cited Mills for failure to yield right of way, an inspection violation, and expired registration.

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